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          2. 中文版
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            About us- Company Profile

            Jiuyuan International Construction Consultants Ltd (Beijing) (hereinafter referred to as the "Nine Source International"), founded in 2002, formerly known as "Beijing Jiuyuan Samsung Architects." Is currently a dynamic and influential private design organizations, with the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development approved the award of the construction industry (construction) Grade A, and in 2004 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. Nine in-depth study of the international source of China's urbanization process, through the "professional design", the pursuit of efficiency, standardization, quality and design of effective cost control of construction projects, providing customers with value enhancing property values ??and urban design of the product .
                   Nine sources of international technical team brings together a group of rich design experience and professionalism of the personnel currently scale up to 270 people, the company consists of Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Yinchuan and other branches. Among them, the national level, 20 people registered architect, registered structural engineer at the national level 11, senior engineer 29 people, engineers, 41 people. Company organization by the marketing department, program research and development center, project management center, chief engineer, human resources, Information Department, general manager of the office and so on.
                   Nine sources of international activities in the community, as a Beijing Survey and Design Association, the Sixth Committee, director of the private work unit, a positive commitment to its social responsibility, through the organization of member units to strengthen interaction and exchange, while actively promoting the new economic situation in the industry restructuring and transformation through their own private design affect more change.
                   Nine to abandon the traditional source of international design management, specific, clear and quantitative criteria to infiltrate all aspects of design management, design team strive to achieve professional and professional design work. Operational aspects of innovation through the production and management, working for the majority of government agencies and real estate clients continue to provide sophisticated technology and specialized products and improve the value of real estate development and design and provide professional design services.

            Company Profile
            Company Vision
            Core competencies
            Team Style