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          2. 中文版
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            About us- History

            [Basics] 1992-2002
             Jiuyuan International, formerly known as Beijing Jiuyuan Samsung Architects. Samsung is the original source Jiuyuan Design Co., Ltd. and Beijing City architectural firm merger in 2000.

             [Sail papers] 2002-2003
             Ministry of Construction, issued by the company to obtain construction Grade A construction industry, as Beijing first to be approved system of grade four partner firms.

             [Professional papers] 2003-2005
             Comprehensive approach to improve the professional competence and ability of the project design to determine the residential areas, office buildings as the main product line.

             [System articles] 2005-2008
             The standard of modern design companies began construction of the company's system, the establishment of the company organization and quality management system.

             [Strategy papers] 2008-2010
             Implementation of full professional to determine the company's development strategy, to professional development. 2010 officially changed to "nine sources (Beijing) International Construction Consultants Limited." 

            Company Profile
            Company Vision
            Core competencies
            Team Style